Student Work

Erica Rakow shoots video for a story on Bordeaux

Erica Rakow shoots video for a story on Bordeaux

The students in the Travel Reporting (RTV 4930) class filed stories on topics ranging from wine making in Bordeaux to public trains in Europe to human trafficking in France. Many of those stories will appear on air, in print and online. You can hear the stories by clicking below.

Video Stories

Wine Production in Bordeaux (Erica Rakow)

Bordeaux wine is known throughout the world. Reporter Erica Rakow files this video report on why it is so popular.

Light Rail Trains in France (Erica Rakow)

The city of Bordeaux recently invested heavily in a modern light rail system. Reporter Erica Rakow’s video story details why the investment seems to be paying off.

First Time Travel Advice (Lexy Scheen)

Summer is in full swing and tourists are heading overseas to enjoy sightseeing and different cultures. Lexy Sceen files this video report from Paris with advice from first-time travelers.

Why Go To Bordeaux? (Lexy Scheen)

Paris is the city of lights and a popular destination for tourists, but a smaller city in France is beginning to attract many visitors as well. Lexy Scheen offers this video report on why tourists are travelling to Bordeaux, known as a “mini Paris.”

Audio Stories

Religion in France (Jessica Gable)

Religion has long been an important part of life in France, but its role may be diminishing as Jessica Gable reports in this audio story.

Montmartre: A Unique Neighborhood (Jessica Gable)

The world-famous neighborhood of Montmartre has a personality and history all its own. Reporter Jessica Gable files this audio story from the heart of Paris.


Eiffel Tower Anniversary (Andrew Ruiz)

Paris’ architectural icon – one of the most recognizable structures in the world – is celebrating its 120th anniversary. Andrew Ruiz talks about the impact the Eiffel Tower has had on the world. 


Economic Woes Overseas (Andrew Ruiz)

The U.S. economy is not the only one taking a big hit during the recession. Andrew Ruiz offers this audio report on how other parts of the world are struggling as well.

Exercising on the Road (Kendall McCrory)

Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean having to take a vacation from your exercise regimen.  Radio reporter Kendall McCrory offers tips for staying fit on the road.

Human Trafficking (Kendall McCrory)

The streets of cities can be harsh, especially for those caught up in human trafficking. Kendall McCrory learns more in this radio report.

Print Stories

A Visit to Hammam a la Grande Mosquee (Aubrey Siegel)

Reporter Aubrey Siegel writes about a unique location experienced by few tourists in Paris.

Read the story here.

In Search of French Culture? (Aubrey Siegel)

Writer Aubrey Siegel pursues cutting-edge French music and discovers much of it is from the U.S.

Read the story here.

Safety Precautions on Holiday (Bridget Higginbotham)

Using common sense about safety will save travelers lots of grief according to writer Bridget Higginbotham.

Read the story here.

Adventures on the Road to Rome (Bridget Higginbotham)

Reporter Bridget Higginbotham discovers that the best-laid plans may often go astray.

Read the story here.

Blog Entries

Perceptions of Obama Overseas (Lynsey Saunders)

Blogger Lynsey Saunders examines the reaction of other cultures to U.S. President Barack Obama.

Read the blog here.

Programming Television in France (Lynsey Saunders)

In her blog post, Lynsey Saunders looks at whether television in France offers anything for viewers like her.

Read the blog here.